WooCommerce Technology and its feature

        WooCommerce is a free eCommerce software that makes it easy for selling products and services online. It is the world’s most popular eCommerce platform. It is super-flexible, cost-effective, and easy to manage even for beginners. It is an open-source software, WooCommerce is free to download and use. It has become the most popular eCommerce platform in the world used by millions of small and large businesses.

        WooCommerce is developed as an extension of WordPress which is the most popular website builder on the market. This allows users to build an eCommerce website from scratch or add shopping cart functionality to an existing WordPress website. WooCommerce offers many helpful features, like order tracking, customer engagement, delivery status updates, inventory management, and more. .

WooCommerce start with few steps

        We teach you how to set up a website with WooCommerce

  • Choose Hosting : 1. Single sites: Bluehost, SiteGround, and WordPress. 2. Multiple sites : Pressable
  • Install WordPress : Now you have a space to start building your website. To lay a foundation, use the free WordPress software platform.

  • Activate WooCommerce

            Your website up and running, it’s time to install e-commerce functionality with WooCommerce. There are three ways to do this.

  • Create a free account : 1. Create a free account on WooCommerce.com
                                                          2. Sign-up for an account on WordPress.com and WooCommerce.com
    3. Select from : >1. A pre-installed solution with a trusted host.
                                        >2. Auto-installing WooCommerce if you have a WordPress site already.
                                        >3. Download the zip file and do it yourself  Install WooCommerce
  • Install WooCommerce • Download the WooCommerce plugin
    >1. Download the plugin
    >2. Go to your website
    >3. Go to: Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload
    >4. Select the downloaded plugin
    >5. Install
    >6. Activate
  • Search for the WooCommerce plugin from within your website
    >1. Go to your website
    >2. Go to: Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search Plugins
    >3. Search for “WooCommerce”
    >4. Install
    >5. Activate.
  • Above  activating the plugin, you are prompted with Setup Wizard We strongly advise  these steps, as it takes you through initial setup. 

  • WooCommerce key ways

  • Pick a Theme : In the Setup mentioned above, you will be asked to pick a theme. The theme you choose will determine the starting look and layout of your store/site.
  • Extend-woocommerce : Grow your store by adding functionality with extensions, We sell extensions for nearly everything Subscriptions, Booking, Memberships, Payment gateways, Shipping and much more

  • WooCommerce features

            There are many options are available like :-

  • Physical products
  • Services
  • Bookings (e.g. for appointments, or anything else that can be booked)
  • Subscriptions
  • Other people’s products – as an affiliate
  • Customizations (e.g. additional customizations on top of your product listings), and more.

  • How to Build an Online Store With WooCommerce

    There are financial advantages to getting a wordpress with WooCommerce online Store your business. Almost all of the costs are fixed one-off, upfront fees. As a result, rather than losing a percentage of every sale, benefit improves with every order you receive. You start saving money almost immediately. use below few steps :-

  • WordPress content management system – free of charge.
  • WooCommerce plugin – free of charge.
  • WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering plugin.
  • WordPress theme – free of charge.
  • Ongoing web hosting – web hosting comes at all different price points to suit any size business. We recommend Kinsta's premium WordPress hosting which is ideal for an e-commerce website with online restaurant ordering system. For lower budgets, SiteGround are also good.
  • Payment processor fees – if you take payment online  then your payment processor will take a percentage of the fees.

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