Mobile Application Development Services

Mobile Industry is mounting speedily because the e-commerce is budding as a new marketing trend. All and sundry are chipping in the marketing race by getting developed mobile applications for their businesses. Users with urbane mobile devices are demanding for richer applications which furnishes the full worth as compared to their needs. Thousands of applications are easily obtainable on different mobile application platforms to congregate the needs as demand soars up.

We proffer high end mobile applications for marketing and promotional solutions to diverse industries at competitive prices. We engage in application marketing for almost all sorts of admired mobile apps - iPhone apps, BlackBerry apps, Android apps, Windows Mobile apps and others. We unearth the best possible ways to market your mobile application through the comprehensions of store environment, technology, ranking and algorithm. Our seasoned team is practiced in PR, marketing, social media, SEM, and SEO which encompasses all areas that are a requisite for a winning app promotion.

We Offerings

  • Press release via PR websites
  • Social media promotion through You tube, LinkedIn. Face book etc
  • Classified ad promotions and forum participation
  • Search Engine Optimization

Our Edge in Mobile Application Promotions

Our mobile application promotion facilitates employees of the organization to stay in touch with their clientele more proficiently, timely, expediently. In addition, it assays and ranks their customers based on their actions. Our involvement is highlighted in the following areas.

Mobile Application for Marketing

We design mobile applications according to the business nature and market demand which can give a leap to your business. If you have already a mobile application and not finding the way of promoting of mobile application you are at right destination. We work on layout of mobile application as soon as you give us mobile application project for marketing. Our marketing teams conduct an extensive marketing research based upon your mobile application and find key possible areas where we can beat off competition and produce an effective report to you to make successful marketing for your mobile applications. Our mobile app marketing process initiates with our analysis of your app and other apps of analogous stand. After a careful study of your app and similar apps, we nail down the Unique Selling Point (USP) of your app. On choosing your selling point, we frame promotional strategies based on your USP. Below is a brief of our promotional process.

Marketing Strategies

ITeSolution implements a series of marketing ways for your mobile applications that are just apt for your businesses. Take a look at the under mentioned

  • Viral Campaigning
  • Pre-launch campaign
  • In-app campaigns
  • Strategically timed lunch
  • Paid promotions
  • Established touch points
  • Cross-promotions of apps
  • Fabricating customer database and categorizing them with user-defined groups
  • Mail advertisements about special offers to selected customers / selected customer groups / all customers on their cellular phones.
  • Send advertisements about special offers to selected customers / selected customer groups / all customers on their cellular phones.
  • Delineating customized regular and irregular rules for the assignment of points and ranks.
  • Analysis of their customers and other activities through a set of comprehensive search parameters and various reports.

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