Android Application Development Services

Android has come up with some incredible features because of which its popularity has been towering year after year. Android development kit consists of Android SDK and APIs those are required to build custom mobile application using JAVA and then running them in a virtual machine on a custom linux kernel. Google android OS provides more functionality to other OS like: multi-tasking features such as work on multiple network, permit third party to develop applications and work better with Google products. Moreover, it is prompt and you enjoy work on android OS.

ITeSolution is developing applications since it was introduced into the market, that is right from its inception. Android is Google’s new-fangled platform that consists of Android SDK tool and APIs to develop custom applications. Our proficient and seasoned development team has a vast experience in Android application development that manipulate Android SDK tool , APIs, Debugging tool, handset emulator and codes to develop customized application for the end user. Android supports JAVA language for developers therefore they can build third party applications on JAVA which can run on Android Platform. We are practiced in Android Development kit along with making use of JAVA and running it in a virtual machine on a custom Linux kernel.

Merits of Android Mobile Applications

  • Business Application that augments your business productivity
  • Multimedia Application with Rich User Interface for gaming
  • Utility Application for specific function
  • Android Applications are multi-featured and cost effectual
  • Amplify visibility, as Android market demand is shooting up
  • Open Source Platform which give additional benefits

ITeSolution is specialized in Android functionality whether it is mobile applications, testing in simulator and mobile device porting. We have developed a range of applications on Android platform. Our developers are skilled in different application categories that are mentioned below

  • Business Applications
  • Tour and Travel Applications
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Game Applications
  • Utility Applications
  • Fun Applications
  • Health-Centric Applications
  • Communication Applications.
  • GPS dependent applications
  • Internet Applications

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